The Protein Kinase
FactsBook CD

Published by: 

Academic Press

Grahame Hardie

Medical Sciences Institute
University of Dundee, U.K.

Steven Hanks

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Nashville, Tennessee

ISBN: 0-12-324722-5

The Protein Kinase FactsBook originally published in two volumes, devoted to Protein-Tyrosine and Protein-Serine Kinases provided a catalogue of the essential properties of members of the family from vertebrates and other organisms. The CD unites all entries, providing an integrated network of facts covering:

  • subunit structure and isoforms
  • sequence database accession numbers
  • amino acid sequences
  • patterns of expression
  • assays
  • enzyme activation inhibitors
  • genetics
  • domain structures
  • homologues in other species
  • physiological substrates and specificity determinants
  • references

Now, searching for that elusive fact will be even easier using the Protein Kinase FactsBook - CD. This multi-platform CD (Windows, Mac and Unix) has powerful search capabilities allowing instant access to the appropriate data, with full text searching for terms, strings and sequences. Full Boolean and Proximity searching is supported. With the added bonus of personalised note creation and hypertext link facilities, you can tailor the CD to meet your needs.