Immunology Methods Manual CD-ROM

The Comprehensive Sourcebook of Techniques

Published by: 

Academic Press

Edited by: 

Ivan Lefkovits

ISBN: 0-12-442715-4

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The Immunology Methods Manual is a fully comprehensive sourcebook of methods and techniques, published in four volumes, now available on CD-ROM. Unique in its project-oriented, rather than protocol-oriented approach, the CD-ROM contains both advanced methods and descriptions of basic protocols. These have been methiculously compiled, and carefully presented to guide day-to-day laboratory work, as well as the development of long-term strategies. This CD-ROM integrates the contents of all 4 volumes and will be essential not only for those who study the immune systems of man or mouse, but also those applying methods to other species. Vital contact information will also encourage useful dialogue and interactions between authors and methods-users.


System Requirements

IBM PC-Compatibles

  • Sun (SunOS 4.x.x or 5.x.x), Solaris, or Silicon Graphics (IRIX 5.x) workstation
  • X Windows System (includes support for Motif and Open Windows 3.0)
  • 65MB of hard disk space (33MB for software and 32MB of working space)
  • CD-ROM drive supporting ISO-9660 standard