Optics Letters

OSA Cumulative Index and 1994 Optics Letters

Explore more than 75 years of optics on a single CD-full bibliographic citations for all articles published in OSA's peer-reviewed journals from 1917 through 1994. You'll find all of Applied Optics, JOSA A, JOSA B, Optics Letters, and the Journal of Lightwave Technology (co-published with IEEE) -all cross-referenced and searchable by subject, author, and key words in titles.

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Optical Society of America

1994 Optics Letters

A full year of Optics Letters-OSA's journal of late-breaking research was included with the cumulative index. One will find the best display technology available, with math and figures quickly and clearly shown within the text, just as they appear on the printed page. One can resize windows and view multiple articles simultaneously. User-friendly search tools are included, with CD-ROM software for MS-Windows, Macintosh, and five versions of Unix.

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