1995, 1996 & 1997 CDROMs

Case studies in neuropsychology

neuropsychiatry and behavioural neurology

ISSN: 1355-4794

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Neurocase is a rapid publication journal of both adult and child case studies in neuropsychology.

Neurocase is a unique publication which is building up a database of unique case studies. High quality original case studies are published in the bi-monthly issues, and these are entered together with data from case studies published elsewhere, into a cumulative CD-ROM database which is issued annually with the journal. The CD-ROM also includes video clips relating to published papers.

Publishing in this way enables the information from these reports to become an accessible and manageable body of knowledge. It becomes possible to make comparisons across individual case reports and so to draw conclusions that might otherwise be missed.

Neurocase Case Studies

Neurocase publishes the abstracts and details of key articles from existing literature usually relating to the articles in each issue. These details are presented as Neurocase Case Studies.


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